We at KRAV MAGA CRASH BOOT CAMP guarantee to teach you pure Self Defense with no Kata's or any Belts. We help you reach your goals such as loosing weight, gain muscle, generate power and aggression when needed, build your stamina and help your mind thinking in a safe and healthy way. Our classes taught by the only expert in the KRAV MAGA world with combat experience in the field – Knowing how attackers think and their actions in the field can help creating effective Self Defense techniques. Teaching the material from the book has no value if it is never tested and we test you in a way to teach you to react when you are not ready- as it will be on the street WHEN YOU ARE NOT READY.

Our Chief Instructor at KRAV MAGA CRASH BOOT CAMP Daniel Elyashiv is a former Israeli Defense Force Soldier, Expert in Counter Terrorism. He was one of the select few that studied Krav Maga with the Masters and experienced first hand the effects in the battle field. Being in charge of the Counter Terrorism Division in his unit YAHALOM (diamond in Hebrew), a Special Unit of the Engineering Corps, Daniel Elyashiv taught hundreds of soldiers how to protect themselves and be aware of the dangers surrounding them - especially in combat. The responsibility for protecting human life is a difficult mission and requires unique characteristics. Applying his knowledge to the civilian world and understanding the psychology of attackers, Daniel Elyashiv designed a system that will help you to protect yourself and your family while doing ordinary daily activities such as playing in the park, shopping, going to dinner, commuting to work, etc. – so you and your family will STAY SAFE 24/7.


Ideal Learning Environment

o Small Class Sizes (20 Max)

o Real-world simulation

o Success-oriented training

o No belts , just pure teaching

Best Instruction

o Trained over 400 Israeli Elite Counter Terror unit soldiers

o Served 5 Years in the Israeli Defense Force

o Expert in weapons and hand-to-hand combat


Best Convenience

o Classes offered throughout the week

o Different times to fit schedules

o Personal instruction available

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