Krav Maga Your Calories To A Self Defense Knock Out

Daniel Elyashiv – Former IDF Counter Terrorism School Chief Instructor

Krav-Maga, the official self-defense and hand-to-hand combat system of Israel, is a martial art first developed by Imrich Lichtenfeld in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. It is a practical and tactical system that teaches how to prevent, deal with and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. It prepares the trainees in the subjects of self-defense, fighting and combat skills, as well as skills to defend others, all in a unique and comprehensive approach. Krav Maga is a simple, martial art system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. It integrates instinct based self-defense tactics, with a strong curriculum that trains aggressiveness, fighting spirit, situational awareness, and verbal de-escalation of conflict. Its anti-terrorist roots make it aggressive by design, with only one objective, to eliminate the threat in the fastest way possible. The Hebrew name for this marital arts is usually translated into English as "close combat" the word Krav means "fight" or "battle". While, the word Maga means "near" or "next to".

Exercise Krav Maga is gaining popularity. People realized that it's not only the Israeli Army who's going to enjoy this sport. Krav Maga after all has always been a sport, though may become bloody, it's one of the few sports that can transform fats to muscles at the same time teach a person self-defense.

Krav Maga is used both for weight gain and weight loss other than muscle toning and effective Self defense practice. Leave the tournaments to the over fit and gain the knowledge of defending yourself. Krav Maga can be a fun and exciting exercise that can knock out those unwanted calories. And it starts with gloves to protect the hands and headgear to protect damages to the face and brain. A Krav Maga teacher is also called for. It is advisable to go on a healthy eating quest.

Krav Maga gyms are pretty much like body building gyms except for the specific equipment that is used to make you agile, strengthen your punch and perfect your reflexes. Exercise Krav Maga doesn't necessarily bring you to a fighting match if you don't want to, but that takes the exciting away, when you confident in your abilities to protect yourself in case of danger.

In Krav-Maga, it is emphasized that in any given situation, the defense or counter-attack must be: fast, strong, short, natural and direct (i.e., if you want to escape, then escape; if you mean to hit, and then hit). The basic idea is to first deal with the immediate threat, to prevent the attacker from continuing attack and to neutralize the opponent - all these steps are done in a very straightforward manner. Emphasis is placed on taking the initiative from the attacker as soon as possible. Attacks and defenses are intended to inflict the most pain possible on the opponent, so brutal attacks to the groin, the eyes, and other vulnerable vital targets are emphasized. Yet, it is also considered acceptable to run away, the so-called "tactical withdrawal" if the situation dictates that. Krav-Maga can be used against opponents who are armed and against multiple opponents. Given the small area of movement required to execute a technique, it is also good in closed areas, such as airplanes. Although many techniques used in Krav-Maga are similar to other contemporary pugilistic or grappling martial arts, the training is quite different. Stress is placed on the real-world practicality, fighting under worst-case scenarios. There is also heavy emphasis placed on stamina and concentration. Training is meant to condition the students to ignore extraneous input and focus on causing as much damage as possible.

Overweight people may find it irregular to get to Krav Maga but Krav Maga training will like the idea that you've got more than enough fats to burn. Toning muscles also needs the fats. That's part of the body sculpting. Compared to underweight persons, overweight's don't need to work on their bulk to make into muscles. Overweight's have more than enough bulk to work on.

The usual routine starts with the warm ups and the cool downs. A ten-minute warm up to an overweight person is more than a great start for exercise. The rest of the hour will be playtime of learning how to punch, learning how to jab, how to reach, how to sway the body from side to side, how to use natural reflexes the nature created in an efficient way to be able to protect against chocks, grappling, knife attacks, stick attacks, gun treats, etc . It's cardio to its fullest that one can enjoy. There is also the confidence for overweight's to enter the Krav Maga gym because the usual stereotype builds the overweight person as someone you don't want to anger or else he might push to you to light-years which is not possible.

Krav Maga will fix an overweight person's sense of balance, breathing, concentration, awareness, sharpness and stamina. Discipline is part of it also because without the discipline to concentrate, the opponent might get you off guarded. Not everyone would enjoy Krav Maga which for others is a hurtful sport, inhuman and violent. But for weight watchers, or those who look to be their own bodyguard exercise Krav Maga is just going to be the adult play one experienced during childhood. Much childhood video games are about trying to box, kick, gun down, rundown the opponent. Adults today would find the Krav Maga gyms a place to get their heat off someone on the punching bags. Sweating out will be major in exercise Krav Maga therefore rehydrating is important after the exercise.

As emphasized by its founder, Imi Sde-Oraka Imrich Lichtenfeld, the basic premise of Krav-Maga is, "Do not get hurt." The attainment a high level of proficiency is important so that we can adequately defend ourselves and avoid injury in a confrontation. It also means that we do not unnecessarily cause injury to others. The level of force we need to use in a confrontation is to be commensurate to the nature of that particular confrontation, so that a less serious situation requires less force. This also means the avoidance of anything that will unnecessarily cause a confrontation. Use force only when necessary, in order to protect ourselves or others. Another point to consider is to take care of the partners during training, even while making every training session as realistic as possible. To achieve this, one's ego must be controlled, during a confrontation. One must be ready to accept criticisms and instructions from others. The physical and mental states dictate one's ability to handle a confrontation or challenge.

As the Krav Maga trainee in training learns the techniques, his calories will be transformed into muscles. Toning the muscles will come from regularity of the workouts. In many self-defense philosophies, the self-defense techniques should never be used unless one is ready to get hurt himself. The modern Krav Maga gyms are made for weight loss, body toning, and self defense. Meantime, the only real enemy that needs knocking out is one's excuses to become healthy. With visits to the Krav Maga gym, the weight watcher will eventually win the round and will know his own abilities better and safer knowing self defense techniques.