Daniel's Krav Maga boot camp is one of the best self-defense/weight-loss/physical activity anybody can ever ask for. Daniel teaches all his students with patience and respect, from the young kids to the elderly. He has a variety of different levels of training from beginner to expert and demonstrates his skill in teaching. I started with him in January 2011 and it becomes an addiction as you advance in your training. Each class begins with a warm-up of running and Daniel tests your awareness for example by clapping his hands which means "do a push up." The classes are very interactive and Daniel shows each person what to do and what not do, and how to mentally prepare yourself in different situations. Overall, I would recommend this Krav Maga class to anyone because everyone could use a little self-defense and skill.

Ariana G., Brooklyn

“Daniel’s program was even better than I had hoped. His small classes ensured I received personal hands-on training to quickly fix my mistakes before they became bad habits. Beyond simply telling me how to execute a particular move, Daniel goes further and explains why that move is effective. His experience in real-world situations helped me understand what I can expect if attacked by others and how they would act. I would HIGHLY recommend taking classes with him for anyone who genuinely wants to master krav maga.”

Sthepen F., New York,NY

I have been going to krav maga for the past 9 months and I became hooked from day one. Each lesson is even more exciting than the last. Not only does Daniel teach you skill, he also teaches you the proper technique in self-defense. You learn self-control and gain confidence that you have what it takes to defend yourself. Daniel pushes you and never let's you say "I can't". I enjoy learning the different techniques involved and putting them together in complex and enjoyable routines. It's a great way to get fit and burn off steam. The class is a real mixture of ages, abilities and personalities. Daniel is an experienced and inspirational instructor. I would recommend Daniel's Krav Maga Crash Boot Camp to anyone, I guarantee you will not regret it!

Daniella G., Brooklyn

I was looking for something that my son (6 years old) and I could do together–a father-son activity. I contacted several places (karate, tai kwon do, krav maga, etc.) to find out if they had a course that my son and I could train together. I couldn't find anything in Brooklyn - with the exception of Daniel Elyashiv. Daniel has proved to be a more-than-capable instructor. Not only is Daniel a well-qualified instructor of krav maga (having trained elite forces in the Israeli Defense Force), but his commitment to moral excellence offers my son a very positive role model (a rare find and great treasure).

If you are looking for the very best training in self-defense and physical conditioning from a individual who exemplifies integrity and family friendly values, then I recommend Daniel Elyashiv with the highest accolades.

Seth Postell, Ph.D.

EVEN MY SOCKS GET SOAKED!! I always leave Daniel's krav maga class absolutely soaked -- literally from top to bottom. This is by far the best workout I have ever found. The class flies by so quickly that you don't even feel the pain you would normally feel from running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical. Aside from burning 1000 + calories a session, Daniel teaches mental alertness and effective use of aggression through proper krav maga technique. The atmosphere is terrific and everyone trains together as a team. Daniel's krav maga class is a rare find. I'll bet you fifty bucks you'll come for a trial and you'll love it.

Vlad F., JD, MST

Daniel came to James Madison University during second semester 2010. He made his presentation in an exciting matter that was informative, interactive, and kept everyone's interest. He let the audience ask questions not only about Krav Maga, but Israel as well. He spoke about his time in the Israeli Defense Force and what he had to experience while serving. There was a broad amount of people in the audience: some who knew nothing about Krav Maga but thought it sounded interesting and wanted to try it out for themselves while others were more familiar with various forms of martial arts. After the lecture, Daniel brought the students outside to teach them Krav Maga and have them experience what being in the IDF could be like. After the interactive presentation was over, everyone was raving about how fun Daniel's lesson on Krav Maga was and were eager to ask Daniel where they could find out more. All of the students wanted Daniel to come back soon to teach another lesson, and they even asked him if he knew of any local places that teach it. JMU Hillel would recommend Daniel to any school that is eager to have their first experience in Krav Maga!!

Jackie H., JMU Hillel

Daniel Elyashiv's Krav Maga Boot Camp is the best self-defense/ workout class offered! I started training with Daniel over the summer and instantly fell in love with Krav Maga and the atmosphere created within the class. I took advantage of the "unlimited" part of the class and trained almost everyday. My friend and I looked forward to training every single day! This course has put me into the best shape of my life and has allowed me to realize that I can defend myself and attack if necessary. Daniel sets high goals for every student enrolled in the course but the pressure is never felt. The atmosphere is intense but simultaneously light, with jokes said in passing. I had to learn the hard way that if I make too many jokes then I'm "rewarded" with pushups or more laps to run. But that's not really punishment since all that does is tone my muscles further. Overall, I would recommend Krav Maga training to anyone and everyone who wants to learn self defense and who cares about leading a healthy lifestyle!

Anna L., Brooklyn